Lev Vygotsky


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Vygotsky Life 1
Vygotsky Life 2

The first part of the Documentary provides the viewer with some information about Lev Vygotsky’s life, and some insight into the historical context of the times.

Click on one of the 2 clips above or the 1 to the left to view footage about Vygotsky’s life.

Vygotsky Life 3

Information about Lev Vygotsky’s theories is told through interviews with Vygotskian scholars.

To the right is a sample clip from the Documentary’s theory section.


Lev Vygotsky Documentary and Lev Vygotsky Short Version share examples of Vygotskian Practice from around the world. The Practice examples provide the opportunity for viewers to see Vygotskian concepts put into real life settings.

Click on the two clips shown in both “Lev Vygotsky Documentary” and “Lev Vygotsky Short Version”

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